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Important Things to Do Before Junking Your Car

After driving a car for several years, most people ask their friends this question, “where can I sell my junk car?” Truth be told, some companies are into the business of buying junk cars and recycling them. Junking your car is a sure way to remove it from your garage and get extra money. Finding a reputable company may take some time. In this wise, avoid choosing the first company that you come across online or via recommendations. Ask for any requirements or preparations from the company before sealing the deal. Keep these points in mind as you shop around.

1. Prepare the paperwork

Getting all the paperwork in place will help to facilitate the smooth transfer of the title of ownership to the company. As a matter of fact, it can be difficult to junk a car without providing the necessary documents. Taking this step ensures that you won’t incur any liabilities later in the future. Other documents include proof of ownership and vehicle registration. It’s advisable to go through the rules and regulations of junking cars in your locality.

2. Remove all personal belongings

Endeavor to remove all your belongings from the vehicle prior the scheduled date and time. While checking under the seats and floor mats, you may discover valuable items or documents that have been forgotten over time. Even if the items aren’t useful anymore, make sure that you pack them from the car. It goes without saying that it’s not the responsibility of the company to get rid of your personal stuff.

3. Sell valuable items

Almost all junk car removal companies will pay for a car’s junk value and nothing else. The best time to sell any parts of a car is before asking for a quote. Removing all valuable parts of a junk car and selling them separately is another way to get extra cash. Perhaps your car has a GPS or sound system, consider selling them to other drivers or retailers. If you recently replaced the car with new tires or the current ones are good quality winter tires with many threading, replace them with old ones. In case you can’t remove the car parts, contact your mechanic to be on the safer side.

4. Use the remaining gas

Junk car removal companies are rarely interested in your gas. In fact, they usually empty cars of all fluids before recycling them. Ensure that you siphon the gas from the tank using a pump. After that, store it properly in an area that is completely safe. Later on, it can be used for another car or for any other purposes.

5. Remove your license plates

Many people believe that there is no need to remove the license plates on junk cars if the policy will be expiring soon. This is far from the truth. Keeping the plates helps to eliminate the stress of getting new ones for another car. The department of motor vehicles will even request for them when it’s time to cancel the title. Remember to cancel your car insurance too.